One-Click- Trading

Open and close your orders instantly at the price you want to lock in extra profits, with one simple click

Faster trading with One-Click Execution

The IV Brokers MT4 platform comes with the one-click-trading tool at no extra cost. Built into the trading terminal, the tool allows you to trade directly from your chart and enter and exit the markets quickly, simply and with just one click.

Extremely Fast Forex Trading

Entering and exiting the markets at exactly the right time and right price can save you money and improve your profitability therefore using one-click-trading is the right tool to use. Instead of wasting time in executing your market order with many clicks, one click is all you need to open and close your Forex orders.

How to Activate

Activating your one-click-trading is easy. Simply login to your IV Brokers MetaTrader 4 platform, open the chart you want to trade. Right click in the chart, select one-click-trading and accept the terms of trading.

Once completed, you will see the one-click-trading window open in your chart. To trade, simply set the volumes you wish to trade and click buy or sell.

How to set/modify Stop Loss and Take Profit levels?

Setting your SL and TP is easy. Click on the current price of your open order and choose modify, a window will open and you can set your SL or TP. Once set, you can simply drag and drop your new stop loss or take profit directly from the chart.

Closing your orders is as easy as clicking the mouse. You’ll notice a small x on the right of your open order, all you need to do to lock in your forex profits is click the x and your order will close immediately.

Key Elements – Quick-view

No Trading Restrictions

The IV Brokers trading environment is unique as we do not restrict or decline any Forex trading strategies.

STP Trading (NDD)

IV Brokers is a no dealing desk broker. Trade with the confidence that all profitable Forex strategies are accepted and efficiently handled, without human intervention.

Fast & Reliable Execution

By using the very best execution technology such as the Equinix LD4 Data centres, VPS and leading liquidity providers, you can benefit from milliseconds order execution and accurate orders fills.