Overnight Positions

IV Brokers rollover times are set to 22:00 GMT daily, this is when rollovers are debited or credited on open positions.

Swap/Interest Definition

Swap is defined as the interest charged on positions that remain open over night. The swap is calculated based on the interest rate of the currencies of the pair being traded.

On the CFD markets, there is no physical delivery of currency and all interest settlements must be completed at the end of each trading day.

Rollover Times

Rollover times are set to 22:00 GMT daily, the time when rollovers are applied to all open positions. As there are no rollovers applied during holidays and weekends, triple swaps are applied on Wednesday. Swaps are calculated and are applied to accounts automatically.

How to Calculate Swaps

Swaps are calculated on the interest rates of borrowing one currency to buy another. Interest is payable on the borrowed currency and earned on the purchased currency.

Example: 1 lot of GBPCHF and the interest rates are Great Britain 4.7% and Switzerland 0.23%. Buying 100,000 of GBPCHF you will earn 4.7% and you pay 0.23% on the CHF borrowed. Swaps are calculated on an annual basis and charged daily on a pro-rata basis.

Rollover Booking

22:00 GMT is recognised to be the end of the trading day. All positions open at this time are subject to rollover. Positions opened after 22:00 GMT will be subject to rollovers at 22:00 the following day.

During the time leading up to rollover, the markets are less liquid and clients can experience higher than normal prices. Trading can be briefly suspended when swaps are applied.

Key Elements – Quick-view

No Trading Restrictions

The IV Brokers trading environment is unique as we do not restrict or decline any Forex trading strategies.

STP Trading (NDD)

IV Brokers is a no dealing desk broker. Trade with the confidence that all profitable Forex strategies are accepted and efficiently handled, without human intervention.

Fast & Reliable Execution

By using the very best execution technology such as the Equinix LD4 Data centres, VPS and leading liquidity providers, you can benefit from milliseconds order execution and accurate orders fills.